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Our Story

Mission Motorwerks' story has to start with my dad; he was a true car fanatic, completely self taught.  He could never be accused of loyalty to just one brand or country of origin.  In his early years he had turbo Corvairs, then MGBs.  With his brother, he even spent a period of years chasing dreams in SCCA Production racing with an MBG and Triumph Spitfire.  But then he went German with his first Opel.  When I was 7, he bought an '88 VW Jetta GLI 16v and I grew up in that car.  In fact, I bought it from him as my first car and still own it today, even if it is now a project in pieces (you know the story...) 


Although I also enjoy all types of cars, that GLI seems to have plotted my course towards German car ownership.  To some saner minds, like that of my wife, this might seem questionable.  She'd be happy to relate the story of how the GLI wouldn't start in the parking lot that frigid winter night after our first date, stranding us outside.  You can imagine my embarrassment, trying to explain how my pride and joy had let us down.  Or she'll tell about when the clutch thrust plate failed on her '92 GTI in a different state while driving to her own bachlorette party, effectively ending the night before it started!  Just two of many stories that are funny (or not) in hindsight.  But if nothing else, I learned about working on the cars.  

A stint as a high school science teacher led me into the production machining world where I learned the ropes from some excellent mentors.  Eventually, I transitioned into programming and making custom spinal surgery tools with a variety of manual and CNC machines to use as I saw fit.  Sometime during 2013, I realized my dream was to combine my love of machining with my passion for cars and together those things looked like automotive engine machining.  Thus, I began the circuitous and challenging route to starting Mission Motorwerks.  

The journey to get here has required determination, persistence, honesty, attention to detail (read perfectionism), and the faith to trust God that this was His plan for our family even when this dream seemed downright crazy and maybe impossible.  We feel it is our Mission to apply these same qualities to every engine we build and to each customer relationship we cultivate. 

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